The cooperation between branch schools is a real trick in the area of marketing campaign, lead track and contract signing.
Problems focus on how to keep information flow and checked among the departments of marketing, telesales, regional sales and school management.
The executives wanted to quickly collect data and get analysis on the basis of different demand in marketing, telesales, schools and educational administration.

800APP helps the school to manage marketing activities right alongside sales through standard CRM business process
Frequent training programs were provided for various departments to get to the implement success.
Swift adjustment can be made in a second of fields and reports to satisfy the requirement of management change.

Possessing more than 50 thousand pieces of student information, 800APP plays an irreplaceable role in Dall Longman schools’ call center. This number still increases by 15 thousand per month on average.
The operation interface of system is in English, while information can be checked in Chinese.
The company has up to 60 reports customized to make a 360 degree analysis of branch schools and headquarters’ business.

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