Alcan Composites Ltd. Shanghai has a sales network all around China. By manual work to collect the data, the process took an extremely long time, often delayed up to 15 days or even longer.

The company strategies and executives decisions, as a result, couldn’t cope with the ongoing market changes.
The customer support lost leads because agile ways to find leads were not available.
Free from complicated traditional CRM deployment, 800APP succeeded in the competition with Salesforce and      another domestic SaaS vender, due to its easy-to-use and flexible customization.

The company simultaneously deployed 800APP CRM across decades of its sales organizations nationwide, including sales, marketing and support department.

For an integrated view, 800APP works in the area of account and lead creating, deal operation as well as quotation and contract management.
Customized fields, reports and tabs provide flexibility to the company to manage data efficiently and make wise decisions.
With strict 800APP work regulations, the company adopts an incentive system to ensure the system efficiency.

Sales reps get better insight into customer information and track accounts much more effectively. Therefore, they are now closely connected with 800APP despite the initial resistance.
Project managers can keep pace with market change to make plans and set realistic goals for next year.
The company has achieved tighter controls over employees and projects by dynamic performance measurement.
Without additional IT personnel and investment, the company is able to maintain and frequently update the straightforward CRM system at lower cost.

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