800APP Enterprise Editon

800APPs ENTERPRISE Edition delivers advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality to large companies who place a premium on flexibility and control. Business users will find an easy-to-use tool to manage interactions across the customer lifecycle. Executives will find a full set of reporting tools to ensure they have the information necessary to make informed decisions. For IT managers, 800APPs Enterprise places a premium on flexibility with full set of tools for system management, customization and integration.


Custom CRM
No two CRM implementations are the same. To gain competitive advantage, companies must adapt the CRM system to match how their business functions. A robust set of configuration options exist to tailor screens and navigation, and even to add new modules— with no coding necessary. With 800APPs Module Builder, non-technical administrators can create custom modules from 800APPs object templates and relate them to existing 800APPs modules to track information important to the organization. These customizations, as well as any others performed in the 800APPs Studio environment, are fully upgrade-safe.

Composite Applications
800APPs recognizes that integration with your other core systems is a key success factor in your deployment success. 800APPs Web Services allow you to easily connect 800APPs Enterprise to your existing IT environment, or directly access the 800APPs Enterprise database. 800APPs meta-data driven user interface ensures a smooth transition to future versions.

For the Extended Enterprise
In addition to a full set of sales, marketing, support and collaboration features, 800APPs Enterprise allows companies to expose key CRM data elements through the Self- Service Portal. By allowing customers to access key account, support and entitlement information, 800APPs Enterprise helps companies reduce support costs while staying aligned with customers.

In Control of the Cloud
800APPs Enterprise delivers a cloud computing environment within the product. Cloud Console allows companies to create, test, deploy and manage multiple instances of 800APPs Enterprise. With 800APPs Cloud Console, companies gain greater control over how their CRM systems are deployed and managed. Based on the 800APPs Open Cloud technology that has been developed and refined over five years, companies gain more control and
flexibility of customer-focused business processes.

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